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SynergyAI offers an all-in-one platform of AI-powered Virtual Assistants. These Virtual Assistants connect to business systems and tools, helping end-users to perform a wide variety of business tasks more efficiently. Our platform offers a holistic solution with advanced capabilities for ERP and database interaction, digital document management, real-time process monitoring, automation, data management, intelligent recommendations and more.

One of the key features of our platform is the centralized coordination and orchestration of multiple virtual assistants across various systems. This capability positions our platform as a comprehensive tool for cross-system process management, streamlining and enhancing efficiency of the E2E scenarios.

The customization feature of our platform allows our customers to tailor their virtual assistants according to their unique business requirements, offering them a versatile tool that adapts to their specific needs.

Using advanced AI technology, our virtual assistants communicate with users in natural language. This removes the challenges typically associated with learning new software and navigating complex user interfaces, ensuring efficient and seamless interactions across your business operations.

Our AI-driven virtual assistants can run on both Azure and AWS cloud platforms, connecting to clients' on-premises and cloud environments through APIs, Connectors, and Plugins.

End users can easily access virtual assistants through unified user interfaces available on web, desktop, and mobile applications.

Connecting to Business Systems and Tools

Example How It Works

Virtual Assistants Platform

Example How It Works

Key Features

Feature 1

Maximize Productivity

Our AI-powered virtual assistants help you focus on what matters most by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows, driving higher efficiency and productivity.

Feature 2

Intelligent Business Insights

Enhance your decision-making with our advanced virtual assistants, capable of providing in-depth insights into your business processes through powerful analytics and machine learning algorithms.

Feature 3

Scalable Solutions

Easily upgrade your virtual assistant's capabilities to meet new requirements and demands, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptability to your evolving needs.

Feature 4

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly connect our virtual assistants with the supported systems and tools, enabling a unified experience across your organization while reducing the learning curve for your team members.

Meet Our Virtual Assistants

Data InsiderData Insider

Data Insider is a Virtual Assistant for interacting with ERP and other system databases. It efficiently extracts the necessary information and presents it in an accessible and insightful format.

Base Customization


Docu-Talk is a Virtual Assistant designed for seamless interaction with digital documents. Utilizing its core capability to comprehend natural language, it allows users to essentially 'talk' to their documents.

Base Standalone

ERP Transaction RunnerERP Transaction Runner

The ERP Transaction Runner is a virtual assistant designed to optimize and enhance your interactions with Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

Base Customization

Process WatchdogProcess Watchdog

Process Watchdog is a virtual assistant designed for real-time monitoring and management of various processes within a system.

Base Customization

Data LoaderData Loader

The Data Loader Virtual Assistant is engineered to optimize the efficiency of data loads into various systems. It features intelegent ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) capabilities and a user-centric interface.

Base Customization


The Coordinator is a powerful virtual assistant engineered to direct and manage other virtual assistants across various systems and processes supporting E2E scenarios.

Base Customization

Coder Coder

The Coder is a virtual assistant developed specifically for software developers and IT professionals. This AI-driven assistant is built to aid in the creation and structuring of software modules and producing high quality code snippets.

Base Customization

Custom Virtual Assistant Custom Virtual Assistant

Our Custom Virtual Assistant service provides a fully personalized and tailored virtual assistant solution. We work with you to understand the unique requirements and needs of your business or project, and design and configure a virtual assistant that meets those specific needs.




The SAP ABAP Coder is a specialized AI-driven assistant developed to support ABAP developers in creating and structuring ABAP programs, and generating high-quality ABAP code snippets.

Inherit from: Coder Fine-tuning SAP ABAP

SAP Accounts Payable Data Insider Virtual Assistant (FICO-AP)SAP S/4HANA Accounts Payable Data Insider (FI-AP)

SAP S/4HANA Accounts Payable Data Insider is a Virtual Assistant for interacting specifically with the accounts payable module in SAP. It efficiently extracts information about Vendors, Invoices and Payments and presents it in an accessible and insightful format.

Inherit from: Data Insider Fine-tuning

Tags Legend
Base - refers to a base Virtual Assistant class that defines core functionality and can be utilized to derive more specific Virtual Assistants.
Customization - indicates that the Virtual Assistant requires customization in order to connect and operate the particular system.
Standalone - indicates that the Virtual Assistant can provide services independantly, without connecting to a 3rd party system.
Fine-tuning - indicates that the Virtual Assistant has been customized to work with a particular system, but might require some fine-tuning to support specific scenarios.
Inherit from - indicates that the Virtual Assistant inherited the functionality from a parent Virtual Assistant.
Other tags indicate target systems, platforms, technologies or programming languages.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is an advanced AI-driven software designed to aid users in carrying out business tasks with heightened efficiency. This technology interacts with various business systems and tools, effectively executing operations on the user's behalf. Its primary function is to streamline processes, minimize human error, and maximize productivity, making it an indispensable asset in today's fast-paced business environment.

Our Virtual Assistant is built around four main components:

  1. AI: The AI component is an integral part of our Virtual Assistant. It has the ability to integrate various Artificial Intelligence models provided by a broad range of providers like OpenAI, Hugging Face, Amazon Sagemaker, and others. This component's agnostic nature allows the Virtual Assistant to employ an array of AI models to support various use cases.
  2. Memory: Memory is structured into two segments, long-term and short-term. The long-term memory utilizes tools such as knowledge databases and knowledge graphs to store information over extended periods in a format that is comprehensible to AI. This helps preserve important data and learnings, facilitating continuous improvement and adaptability of the assistant. The short-term memory, on the other hand, focuses on maintaining conversational data and context from recent interactions.
  3. Skills: The skills component hosts a set of abilities that enable the Virtual Assistant to perform actions such as interacting with databases, executing code, sending emails, and managing transactions in ERP systems, among others.
  4. Directives and Rules: This component provides a framework that ensures the Virtual Assistant complies with a broad set of rules and directives that can be customized according to business requirements. These can range from data privacy rules and ethical guidelines to communication techniques that adapt to the context of interaction.
What is the Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants as an Integration Platform

Example Integration Platform

Our virtual assistants are not only designed to streamline individual tasks but also to connect and interact with each other across different systems and processes. By leveraging this capability, our AI-powered virtual assistants serve as a powerful integration platform, linking various systems within your business environment.

This innovative approach enables seamless data sharing and collaboration between multiple assistants, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced redundancy, and enhanced decision-making across your organization. As your business grows and expands, our virtual assistants can easily adapt and incorporate new processes and systems, ensuring continuous optimization and integration across your enterprise.

Imagine a world where your ERP, CRM, customer support, and analytics tools are all interconnected and functioning together with the power of AI, creating a unified and streamlined experience for your team members and customers alike. SynergyAI's integration platform is here to make it a reality.

Collaboration and Composition

The capability of Virtual Assistants to communicate and collaborate with each other is illustrated in the adjacent diagram, where data is extracted from the source system, loaded into the target system, and subsequently processed. This entire procedure is initiated by the Coordinator Virtual Assistant, which interacts directly with the user and specialized virtual assistants to carry out the end-to-end (E2E) process.

A practical example of this process is the intelligent management of the subscription billing scenarios in SAP BRIM. In this instance, the source system is a service usage database. Data from this source is extracted by the Data Insider and passed to the Data Loader to create Consumption Items in SAP Convergent invoicing. Upon the upload of the Consumption Items, the Transaction Runner initiates the Rating, Billing, and Invoicing of the usage records.

The Process Watchdog keeps end users informed about the progress of loaded Consumption Items, Rating progress, Billing and Invoicing progress, as well as invoice delivery to the Customers. Concurrently, the end user can request additional reports in the required formats from the Data Insider connected to S/4HANA CI system.

Compared to the traditional interface and process setup, the process managed by advanced AI can respond to unplanned situations and inititate corrective measures within seconds across the entire system landscape. The process can be paused, restarted, or adjusted to accommodate the target goal and prevailing circumstances.

Alternatively, the Composition methodology in Virtual Assistant Design consolidates various functionalities into a single, advanced AI entity. This strategy prioritizes training and configuring the AI to recognize and execute a wider range of functions, and support the multi-step processing.

The Composition methodology eliminates the necessity for multiple Virtual Assistants to interact. This could potentially streamline operations and provide synergetic benefits for certain applications. However, this approach may require a more extended timeframe for the development and validation , leading to higher costs than the Collaboration approach.

The decision on which approach to use depends on your specific business case and goals. Our platform is designed to accommodate both the Collaboration and Composition approaches, as well as their hybrid, providing the flexibility to meet different requirements and scenarios.

Virtual Assistants Collaboration

Example Integration Platform

Virtual Assistants Composition Alternative

Example Integration Platform


Our pricing is flexible and depends on the level of virtual assistant, number of skills, and other factors customized to your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

SynergyAI virtual assistants can be beneficial across various industries, including TPA, finance, retail, customer support, and more. Our virtual assistants are designed to be customizable to cater to each industry's specific needs and requirements.

Our virtual assistants are designed for seamless integration with supported systems and tools. We provide detailed documentation explaining the step-by-step process of integrating your virtual assistant into your existing systems, and our support team is always available for any assistance required.

Yes, our virtual assistants are scalable and can be easily upgraded with more capabilities or modified to meet your evolving needs. Simply log in to your account and make the desired changes, and your virtual assistant will be updated accordingly.

The cost of implementing a SynergyAI virtual assistant depends on various factors, such as the specific features and capabilities you require, number of users, and any additional support services. We recommend exploring our pricing section for more information on our available plans.

Yes, we take data security and privacy very seriously. Our virtual assistants are designed to be compliant with enterprise data privacy standards. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy and terms of service.

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